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Project Showcase

Here's a short list of some of the more complete things I've put on the internet.

| Artist Constellations

screenshot is a website which allows you to explore your (and your friend's) Spotify artists in 3D constellations. The site is currently down as I'm working on a new version.

| WASM-4 Playground


WASM-4 Playground is a website which allows you to write small WASM-4 games with AssemblyScript completely in the browser.

| Egui Themer


egui-themer is a graphical tool for interactively designing zero overhead compile-time egui themes.

| Ipmap


ipmap is a desktop app for observing where the other servers your computer has connected to are located.

| fdg (Force Directed Graph)


fdg is a library for drawing and manipulating images of graphs.

| Claui


claui is a library that automatically generates graphical interfaces from clap command line applications.

| Gbrowse


gBrowse is an experimental browser for the gemini protocol.

| Gemway


Gemway is a HTTP-Gemini proxy styled like a LaTeX document.