Grant Handy

I'm a self-taught programmer from Salt Lake City, UT. Most of my work is done server-side in languages like Rust, but I also do some frontend work in Javascript. All my work is free and open source. This site is basically my resume.



  • Rust
  • Javascript/TypeScript
  • React Native
  • C#
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Linux
  • Vim
  • Tailwindcss
  • VueJS



A library that automatically generates GUIs for your command-line applications.


A live map of all the servers that your computer has connected to.

Artist Constellations

A website that allows you to visualize the artists that you listen to on Spotify. It uses Spotify's official API to get the artists you follow and listen to then links them together in a beautiful force-directed graph.

fdg (Force Directed Graph)

A high-performance force-directed graph drawing framework and visualizer for Rust. Includes my own custom force-directed graph drawing algorithm.


A graphing calculator for desktop and the web.

Wordle Solver

Find possible wordle answers from known letters.


A version of the game minesweeper that runs entirely in the terminal.


A simple GTK interface for the libretranslate API.


The LibreTranslate API client for Rust. It allows you to use open-source machine translation in your projects through an easy-to-use API that connects to the official webpage.


The dictionary library for Rust. It's offline and uses runtime compression for small binary sizes


The thesaurus library for Rust. It's an extremely simple library for simple programs that need a thesaurus, but don't have an internet connection. It relies on the thesaurus file from the Moby Project.


Find possible wordle answers from known letters.


Get IP address geolocation information from free APIs.


An IMEI number validator implemented in Rust.


A command-line audio player.

Spearmint OS

An old Linux distribution that I made based on Debian Linux. It's built to run on a CD.

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