-----------Grant Handy-------------------
--------------------Personal Website-----

I'm a high school student, self-taught programmer, linux/unix user, and a Rust enthusiast.


  textrip - Get perspective accurate textures for 3D modeling and graphics from any image in an easy to use website.




  system-config - A library for storing application properties on disk.

  postcode-rs - Postcode & Geolocation API for the UK.

  motivate - A command line tool that gets motivational quotes.

  webster-dictionary-json - A script to generate a dictionary JSON file.
  thesaurus-rs - An offline Rust thesaurus library.
  webster-rs - A Rust library containing webster's unabridged dictionary.
  libretranslate-rs - The LibreTranslate API client for Rust.
  libretrans - A command line tool for translating text.
  geo2city - A command line reverse geocoder.
  rplayer - A command line audio player.
  kanye-rs - KAAS (Kanye As A Service).
  btc - A CLI tool for getting the price of bitcoin.
  coindesk-rs - A bitcoin price index API powered by coindesk.
  ipgeo - A pure-rust CLI tool that finds the location of IP addresses.
  thes - A 100% offline thesaurus CLI tool.
  ipgeolocate - A simple rust library for IP geolocation.
  gtktranslate - A simple GTK Translator.
  spearmint-os - A live Linux distribution that fits on a 700MB CD.

  materia-rofi-theme - A rofi theme based on the materia GTK theme.


  I’m currently learning C, C++, & Java.

  I’m a part of the Skyline Coding Club.


  Email: grantshandy@gmail.com

  Discord: !freedo.as_str()#5620

  Github: github.com/grantshandy